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Ways to Decrease Dust in the Home

Don’t we all just hate it? Apart from the fact that it makes for an unpleasant sight, dust also triggers allergic reactions in certain people. If you are one of such people or you happen to live with one, then you are surely always on the lookout for measures you can take to decrease dust in your home. Let’s face it, no matter how frequently you clean, dust particles still find their way into the home. When you chip in the fact that dust is almost often a combination of clothing fibers, animal dander, carpet fluff, and dirt that get trapped indoors, then you would realize how much of a herculean task getting total rid of dust is. That’s not even factoring in sources like pollen and other debris in the air we invite into our homes when we open windows.

In spite of this, there are still methods that can be employed to ensure that the amount of dust in your home at any given time is very minimal. Let’s take a quick run through 5 of such methods`
Vacuum regularly
You most probably already know this but it wouldn’t hurt to reiterate. Vacuuming would suck up dust. Make sure to accompany it with wet mopping as the moisture would help to collect dust particles the vacuum might have missed. Make sure you are vacuuming at the right time too. Cleaning something like your windows after vacuuming is counterproductive as more dust would make its way to the ground. Heavy-traffic areas in the home like living rooms should be vacuumed twice or thrice weekly. For less frequented areas, once a week works just fine.
Make use of microfiber cloth for dusting
For best results post dusting, you should ditch the normal cleaning cloths and go for a microfiber cloth. Normal cleaning cloths like dry rags only worsen the situation as they further spread dust around. They are called microfibers because they have lots of fibers that make it possible for them to be attached to and remove even the tiniest dust particle.
Make use of an air purifier
Air purifiers are the in thing and you should hop on the bandwagon too. There are various types but one of the most effective when it comes to dust is the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. It is capable of getting rid of as high as 99.9% of contaminants that make up dust like pollen, pet dander from the air. Interestingly, there are vacuum cleaners equipped with this filter so you might want to get one or simply opt for a standalone HEPA filter. Whichever it is, air purifiers sure decrease dust / dust mites and improve the air quality of homes.
Clean air vents and ducts
Air vents and ducts are other sources of dust in a home. When dirt and dust build up in them, they would constantly circulate this into the home. To decrease the dust in your home, make sure to give your air vents and ducts a good clean monthly.
Change your bedding regularly
Chances are that you were not expecting this but it would interest you to know that bedsheets and pillowcases collect dust easily. Changing them weekly would go a long way in decreasing the amount of dust that your home harbors. You should also vacuum your mattress and wash your pillow for optimum results.

Now that you are equipped with knowledge on how to decrease dust in your home, layers of dust no longer have a place in your home. What’s more, breathing cleaner air just got easier!

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